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Real estate litigation - Real estate seizure


Real estate foreclosure procedures

  • The pursuing creditor, usually the bank, may fail to conduct the foreclosure proceedings against the borrower.
  • In particular, the procedure may include defects in form. Legal remedies exist.
  • The procedure of real estate seizure, especially the orientation hearing, must be followed by a lawyer as soon as the order to pay is received in order to avoid the judicial sale of the financed property.
  • In some cases, the foreclosure procedure can be canceled.
  • Failing this, significant deadlines may be obtained to allow the sale of the financed property by mutual agreement.

Disputes in the event of real estate sales or sales by cutting

  • Litigation relating to the transfer of ownership of a building is handled by the firm, in particular in the event of the sale of a building with the option of repurchase or repurchase, or a sale by cutting up.
  • The firm accompanies you in the context of actions for nullity, breach of negotiations and promises or actions in guarantee.

Deficient tax exemption operations

  • This dispute concerns real estate investments backed by a tax optimisation scheme that turn out to be deficient.
  • Remedies exist which make it possible to retain the responsibility of the seller or the wealth management advisor in the event of incomplete information on the risks attached to the transaction.

Financial management

  • The firm deals with litigation relating to commercial leases, civil leases, residential and professional leases as well as financial leases.

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